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We want public policy to be made by, as well as for, the public. By getting involved in Pivotal’s work you can ensure that the policy–making process benefits from the widest possible range of viewpoints and ideas.

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Our Values

Opportunities to get involved

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    Follow us on social media
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    Attend an event
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    Read or share our reports
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    Provide feedback on our reports/suggest an issue that you think Pivotal should engage with
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    Sponsor/commission research, a project or an event.
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Work with us

Pivotal is always looking for talented individuals to contribute to our work, whether they are experienced policy experts or early–career people wanting to gain experience of shaping and making public policy. We recruit volunteers with policy expertise, inviting them to lead or input into research projects, and we engage people as short–term project assistants to work on particular projects and support our core activities.

If you would like to volunteer to work with us, please contact our director

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