Our Values

Independent and Objective

  • We act only in the public interest
  • We will not be associated with any single individual, organisation, political party, or ideology
  • We will remain free to think radically and objectively, promoting policies based on evidence, not opinion

Authoritative, Effective and Influential

  • Our research, analysis and advice will be accurate, credible, and authoritative
  • We will have the expertise to communicate and influence in order to make an impact

Inclusive and Accessible

  • We will seek to engage and involve the widest possible spectrum of people in our work
  • We will provide a platform for new voices, particularly from those parts of the community under–represented in public debate
  • We will make all of our work accessible to the public

Open and Transparent

  • We will be transparent about how we are funded, who we are working with and what we are doing