Covid–19 in Northern Ireland– a new economic vision

Covid–19 in Northern Ireland– a new economic vision

This is the second report in Pivotal’s series of briefing papers on Northern Ireland’s social and economic recovery from C-19. This paper looks at the challenges and opportunities Northern Ireland faces as its economy is gradually rebuilt after lockdown. It aims to encourage dialogue around an important question: how best does Northern Ireland recover from Covid-19?

This paper looks at the opportunities this crisis presents in the long-term. It examines the overall effects of Covid-19 (C-19), how these effects are not spread equally across the population, and the challenges already faced by the economy before C-19 emerged – and it concludes that the vision for recovery should be ambitious and bold.

Any plans to turn back the clock, to simply restore what went before, would be insufficient. The Executive’s economic recovery strategy needs to take full account of Northern Ireland’s long-term weaknesses and take sustained and effective steps to address them. This is an opportunity for real change – for a transformation in skills, reinvigorated infrastructure, and moving towards sustainability

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