The return of Stormont – time for real change

The return of Stormont – time for real change

An effective Executive and Assembly are the best–placed institutions to govern Northern Ireland, especially at a time when it faces challenges that are urgent, significant and varied. But it cannot be more of the same.

Budgetary pressures and a lack of decision–making for five of the last seven years have had a scarring impact. In many cases, public services are falling far short of what people expect.

To provide leadership and governance in this challenging environment, the Executive and Assembly need to work differently. It is critical that ministers strive for unity of purpose despite political differences.

There will be no quick fix for Northern Ireland’s issues. However, with the institutions restored there is an opportunity to choose some priorities that could bring big improvements to people’s lives in areas like health waiting lists, health service transformation, schools budgets, infrastructure, childcare, poverty, a climate change action plan and more.

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