Covid–19 in Northern Ireland: moving out of lockdown

Covid–19 in Northern Ireland: moving out of lockdown

Pivotal is beginning a series of short, evidence–based briefing papers on Northern Ireland’s social and economic recovery from Covid–19. These papers will explore evidence from around the world to inform public debate and assist policy–makers in their decision making.  This first paper examines key learning from other countries about lockdown easing and uses this evidence to suggest policy considerations for Northern Ireland.

Across the world, governments are seeking to balance the protection of public health with the need to enable a phased return to economic and social activity. This paper aims to invite dialogue and engagement about how Northern Ireland can best meet the challenges of this evolving situation, with a focus on how testing and tracing should be used to minimise the spread of the virus as activity increases.

Pivotal’s next briefing paper will focus on the economic challenges that have arisen in Northern Ireland from Covid–19. It will explore the economic impact of lockdown and what is needed to support businesses and individuals to recover.

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