Youth voices: life, work and study in Northern Ireland

Youth voices: life, work and study in Northern Ireland

Young people’s voices and experiences are at the heart of this report, through results from a detailed survey about what would make Northern Ireland a better place to live, work and study. The findings from our survey of 14–25 year olds centre on four themes: community, study, work and the future. They provide a valuable window into the diverse experiences, challenges, perspectives and aspirations of young people living in Northern Ireland.

This report explores how young people feel about where they live – their education, housing, community, and the opportunities and challenges they face. It reveals how those surveyed see their futures in work and study, and the main priorities they have for improving their lives and wider society in Northern Ireland.

This follows Pivotal’s previous report, Reconciliation and deprivation: twin challenges for Northern Ireland. A forthcoming third report will analyse focus groups conducted with young people, including policy ideas for the future.

Results from this survey provide further evidence that young people in Northern Ireland today still feel the impact of the Troubles, and still live in a deeply divided society. These issues sit alongside, and often reinforce, challenges about education, jobs and health.

Findings suggest that young people will face a range of challenges within the next five years, such as high cost of living, poor mental health and drugs, which may affect young people from any community background.

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