Governing Northern Ireland without an Executive

Governing Northern Ireland without an Executive

Northern Ireland has not had proper government since February 2022, when the First Minister’s resignation triggered the collapse of the Executive. Following the May Assembly election, no Speaker has been elected so the Assembly cannot sit and an Executive cannot be formed. ‘Caretaker’ ministers are in place for each department, but what they can do is restricted in the absence of an Executive. Meanwhile, households and businesses in Northern Ireland face huge challenges with the escalating cost of living, predictions of recession, and funding crises in health, education and other public services.

“This briefing paper provides evidence and analysis about how this form of government is working. As an independent think tank, Pivotal takes no view on the politics of the situation. The paper looks at what can and cannot be done by ministers, civil servants and MLAs in theory – and what has been happening over recent months in practice. The paper ends with ideas about how best to proceed, whatever the political landscape.

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