Post–election policy priorities for Northern Ireland

Post–election policy priorities for Northern Ireland

The return of the Northern Ireland Executive in January 2020 put local Ministers back in charge of decision–making ahead of the challenging Covid period. Ongoing political differences now mean there is a serious risk that no Executive will be established after the May Assembly election, despite the numerous issues that require local leadership.

A new Assembly mandate offers a fresh opportunity to work together on the issues that impact on people’s day–to–day lives. Another prolonged period without government would leave Northern Ireland without direction as it tries to navigate huge health waiting lists, the cost of living crisis and economic recovery from Covid.

Northern Ireland faces a range of pressing policy issues that require immediate attention. Most need a combination of mitigations that can help immediately, and long–term strategic plans to address the underlying problems. These include health waiting lists, the cost of living crisis, economic recovery from Covid, boosting the skills base, improving creaking infrastructure and addressing climate change.

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