The impact of Covid–19 on the Northern Ireland economy

The impact of Covid–19 on the Northern Ireland economy

Queen’s University Belfast and the independent public policy think tank Pivotal have together launched a three–part series of podcasts on the impact of Covid–19 on key aspects of life in Northern Ireland.

Hosted by Ann Watt, Director of Pivotal, each episode sees experts from Queen’s, Ulster University, and the Pivotal network, come together to look at areas such as the economy, leadership, and the education sector during, and after, the pandemic.

In the first episode, released today, Professor John Turner and Dr Graham Brownlow of Queen’s University, and Dr Karen Bonner of Ulster University, bring their expertise to bear on the issue of the economic impact of the pandemic.

How do we see Covid–19 affecting economies across the world? How has it affected the Northern Ireland economy in particular? What sectors and types of firms will be hardest hit? What is the best way to prepare the economy for a post–Covid world?

Future episodes will focus on leadership in a time of crisis, and the impact of the pandemic on education in Northern Ireland.

To hear the series, subscribe to Queen’s University Belfast – Shaping a Better World podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify; or check out our podcast section on the Pivotal website.

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  • Date

    Wed 15 Jul 2020

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