Priorities for the Northern Ireland Executive

Priorities for the Northern Ireland Executive

In this podcast, Pivotal’s Director Ann Watt speaks to a panel of experts about the priorities facing the Northern Ireland Executive as it returns from summer recess. It is a broad–ranging discussion considering education, health and social care, economic recovery, skills and public finances.

The panel is:

·  John Compton, former Chief Executive of the Health and Social Care Board

·  Jayne Thompson, Head of Parentkind in Northern Ireland

·  Richard Johnston, Deputy Director of Ulster University Economic Policy Unit

·  Mark Huddleston, Chief Executive of jheSolutions

The Northern Ireland Executive returned to Stormont with some optimism at the start of 2020, with a broad and ambitious agenda for investment and reform as set out in New Decade, New Approach. The Executive was just getting settled in when preparations for dealing with Covid–19 began in earnest, and the pandemic has dominated its work programme for the last six months.

As the Executive returns from recess now it has a huge and challenging agenda: continuing to protect the public from Covid; dealing with impact of Covid on the economy and public services; but also starting to think about addressing longer term issues like low skills, innovation and productivity, under–investment in infrastructure, and the need for long–term reform in public services, most obviously health and social care.

In this podcast the panel share their thoughts on the priority issues.


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