The return of Stormont can’t be more of the same

Pivotal welcomes the Executive’s return – but warns that it can’t be more of the same.

Pivotal, the independent think tank focussed on Northern Ireland, welcomes progress towards the re–establishment of an Assembly and Executive to lead government. But the severity of problems they face in budgets and public services mean it can’t be more of the same at Stormont.

An effective Executive and Assembly are the best–placed institutions to govern Northern Ireland at a time it faces challenges which are urgent, significant and varied. However, to provide the best possible leadership in these tough times, the Executive and Assembly need to work differently. The return of Stormont is good news but, to achieve the best outcomes for everyone in Northern Ireland, it cannot be more of the same.

Pivotal will soon publish a briefing paper providing a fuller analysis of how the Executive needs to change, and some strategic ideas about how these changes can be brought about.

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