Youth voices: young people’s views on their communities, education and jobs in Northern Ireland

Hear the views of local young people, in their own words. New research from Pivotal, the independent think tank focused on Northern Ireland, looks at how young people feel about local life, education and the prospects of developing a career.  

Northern Ireland’s young people feel the negative effects of its divided society, want to see more integration at every level – but know this could take time and feel that changing how and where we live, grow up, study and work won’t be a smooth process. Many feel that schools could do more to prepare them for the future.

These are some of the findings from two new reports published by Pivotal. The twin reports mark the third stage of Pivotal’s research series asking local young people how they want Northern Ireland to become a better place to live, study and and work.

Youth solutions for building better communities in Northern Ireland looks at how local young people view our divided society and how it has shaped their lives. Youth solutions: improving education, training and employment in Northern Ireland examines the state of schools, colleges and the path to a career, through the eyes of today’s youth.


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