What is your vision for change in 2040?

In the next 20 years we are likely to experience significant changes in society in Northern Ireland including how we socialise, work and live together.  

How do we prepare for our future and what areas should be prioritised?  

We will address this question through our Vision 2040 project which will collect views and experiences from citizens across Northern Ireland on six broad areas: 

1. The economy 

2. Health and Social Care

3. Education

4. Poverty and disadvantage

5. Climate change

6. Community relations 

The data collected from this research will be used to inform Pivotal’s future research and policy work in these six areas.  

The brief survey can be found here.

Our team aims to visit local communities to complete individual or group meetings across Northern Ireland.  

We welcome any input from individuals or community groups who wish to be part of this project.  You can get involved by contributing your ideas in the survey and supporting our team to understand the data.  

The project has received ethical clearance from Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) and full details can be found in the participant information sheet.

Please contact Dr Ben Harper (ben@pivotalppf.org) for further details. 


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