Phase Two: How can education, skills and training opportunities be improved for 14–19 year olds?

Phase Two: How can education, skills and training opportunities be improved for 14–19 year olds?

There is a significant deficit of skills in key sectors of development in Northern Ireland and over–education in areas which have limited future growth. Employment among under 25s fell by 24% during the last year and Northern Ireland has the highest rate of inactivity  in the UK. Unemployment among young people has a damaging impact on opportunities for the development of soft skills (eg. communication, problem–solving and critical thinking skills). As rates of inactivity increase and the economic impact of COVID–19 remains uncertain, urgent attention is required to address skills and training deficits to facilitate economic and social growth in Northern Ireland.


Pivotal’s initial review of research and policy evidence identified policy challenges and opportunities in five key areas related to education, skills and training for young people:


−Educational inequalities and disengagement amongst young people in NI

−Developing a curriculum for the future workforce

−Resourcing and delivering innovative careers advice

−Attitudes to further education

−Enhancing partnerships between employers and training providers

In this next phase of our study, we aim to deepen our understanding of these areas by speaking with key stakeholders about their experiences and perspectives of current training and skills provision, and how this provision could be more effective. We especially want to speak with 14–19 year olds about their experiences, as well as parents/carers, teachers with responsibility for providing careers education and guidance, employers and employability support services.

Further details about the project will be released in upcoming weeks. The participant information sheet may be downloaded here.

If you would like to be involved in this research, please get in touch: info@pivotalppf.org


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    Fri 23 Apr 2021

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