Vision 2040

Vision 2040

Effective, efficient and trusted government is crucial in tackling the big challenges we face in Northern Ireland.

This project is part of a long–term research plan to engage the views and experiences of people across Northern Ireland on their vision for 2040.  The project will commence by engaging working aged adults aged 18 and over.  The project will develop independent evidence about public opinion on six major areas of societal concern with participants across Northern Ireland. 

The data collected from this research will be used to inform evidence based policy recommendations and influence future research projects.  This study is part of a phased approach to exploring views and experiences of citizens in Northern Ireland. 

 The following research focus areas have been identified in Pivotal’s first report, Moving forward– putting Northern Ireland on track for the future’.

1.       A strong economy

2.       Health and Social Care

3.       Education

4.       Poverty and Disadvantage

5.       Climate and Biodiversity

6.       Community relations

These areas will be explored with members of the public to ascertain what change community members wish to see in 2040. 

 The participant information sheet can be downloaded here for further details about participation.    

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